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Classical Texts.

1. Greek

Oratores Attici.J. G. Baiter and Hermann Sauppe, 1850. Vol. I.: Antiphon, Andokides, Lysias, Isokrates, Isaeos, Lykurgos, Aeschines, Deinarchos, Demosthenes. Vol. II.: Scholia to Isokrates, Aeschines, Demosthenes, and the Fragments of the Orators, from Gorgias to Demetrios Phalereus, arranged, with comments, by Sauppe. Hypereides, ed. F. Blass, 1869 (Teubner).—For the text, I have consulted also:—1. Oratores Attici, ed. Imm. Bekker, 1828.—2. Oratores Attici, ed. G. S. Dobson, with notes by H. Stephens, J. J. Scaliger, J. Taylor, J. Markland, J. J. Reiske, A. Auger, &c. 1828— 3. Antiphon, Andokides, Deinarchos, ed. F. Blass, and Isaeos, ed. C. Scheibe, in Teubner's series.
Aristotle.Imm. Bekker, edition of the Imperial Academy of Berlin, 1831—1870. The Rhetoric, with Commentary, L. Spengel, 1867.
Athenaeos.J. Schweighauser, 1801—1804.
Comicorum FragmentaF. H. Bothe, 1855 (Didot).
Diodoros.L. Dindorf and C. Muller (Didot).
Diogenes Laertios.C. G. Cobet, 1862 (Didot).
Dionysios of Halikarnassos.J. J. Reiske, 1774. (Also text in the series of C. Tauchnitz, 1829.)
Eunapios.Βίοι φιλοσόφων καὶ σοφιστῶν. J. F. Boissonade, Amsterdam, 1822.
Harpokration.W. Dindorf, 1850.
Hesychios.J. Alberti, 1746.
Lucian.Imm. Bekker, 1853.
Pausanias.L. Dindorf (Didot), 1845.
Philostratos.C. L. Kayser, 1844.
Photios.Imm. Bekker, 1824.
Plato.J. G. Baiter, J. C. Orelli, and A. G. Winckelmann, 1842.
Plutarch, Parallel Lives.Imm. Bekker, 1855.
[Plutarch] Lives of the Ten Orators.In Plutarchi Moralia, ed. F. Dübner (Didot), 1868.
Pollux.Imm. Bekker, 1846.
Rhetores Graeci.(1) For Anaximenes, Aphthonios, Aristeides Rhetoric, Demetrios περὶ ἑρμηνείας, Hermogenes, Longinus, Theon, and the writer περὶ ὕψους.—Rhetores Graeci, ed. L. Spengel, 3 vols., 1853. (2) For the scholia, and for the lesser writers generally:— Rhetores Graeci, ed. C. Walz, 9 vols., 1832.
Sextus Empiricus.πρὸς τοὺς μαθηματικοὶς ἀντιρρητικοί. J. A. Fabricius, Leipzig, 1718.
Stobaeos.Anthology, 4 vols.; Eclogues, 2 vols., ed. A. Meineke (Teubner), 1860.
Strabo.C. Müller and F. Dubner (Didot), 1853.
Suidas.G. Bernhardy, 1853.
Thucydides.Imm. Bekker, 2nd ed., 1868.
Xenophon.G. Sauppe, 1865.

2. Latin

Cicero.Opera omnia (with the incerti Rhet. ad Herennium) C. F. A. Nobbe, Leipzig, 1869.
Cicero.Rhetorica (De Inventione, l. II.), with the Rhet. ad Her, F. Lindemann, Leipzig, 1828.
Cicero.De Oratore, l. III. C. W. Piderit, Leipzig, 4th ed. 1873.
Cicero.Brutus de claris oratoribus, C. W. Piderit, Leipzig, 2nd ed. 1875.
Cicero.Partitiones Oratoriae, C. W. Piderit, Leipzig, 1867.
Cicero.De Optimo Genere Oratorum, (with Orator,) O. Jahn, Berlin, 3rd ed. 1869.
Gellius.Mart. Hertz (Teubner), 1853.
Lucilius, Fragments of.In L. Müller's Saturarum Reliquiae, 1872.,/cell>
Quintilian.E. Bonnell (Teubner), 1868; commentary—Spalding, Buttmann, Bonnell, and Zumpt; bks. I—VI. Leipzig, 1798—1834.
Rhetorica ad Herennium.F. Lindemann (see above), Leipzig, 1828.
De Oratoribus Dialogus.In Tacitus, ed. J. G. Orelli, 1846.

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