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Vertumnus. ‘The origin and meaning of the worship of Vertumnus are involved in some doubt. The etymology of the word is clear. It is a participial formation from root uert, and is for uerto-menus (“στρεφόμενος”). The suffix reappears in the second plur. passive, e.g. uertimini, and in alumnus, etc. Thus it means ‘turning,’ ‘changing,’ and, as a substantive, a ‘tumbler’ on horseback, a somersault-turner. The god seems chiefly to be a symbol of the revolving seasons and their changing products, and thus appears as a Latin Proteus,’ Postgate on Prop.v. ii., with which the present passage should be compared.

neque, ‘nor yet.’ For this use in contrasts see Lewis and Short, s.v. (D). Mayor on Juv.iii. 103, flet, si lacrimas conspexit amici, nec dolet, quotes Plin. Ep.V. vi. 36, ita occulte temperatur, ut impleat nec redundet.

felicior, more successful in his suit.

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