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τὸ πεισθῆναι τινας: that any were persuaded (by the arguments of the accusers). For the inf. with τό, as subj., see G. 1555; H. 959.

ὅς: a man who. Cf. 64; οἵ i. 4. 11, iii. 5. 15.

πρὸς τοῖς εἰρημένοις: sc. in the previous chapter.

γαστρός: appetite, as in i. 6. 8, a case of ‘metonymy.’ For the gen. with adjs., see G. 1140; H. 753 b.

εἶτα: without δέ, as often after a πρῶτον μέν. So ἔπειτα in i. 4. 11, iv. 2. 31. On Socrates's hardy endurance of heat and cold, and other physical discomforts, cf. i.6.2, Plato Sym. 220 B.

καρτερικώτατος: most inured.

πρὸς τὸ μετρίων δεῖσθαι: ‘to moderation in his wants.” For the articular inf. as obj. of a prep., see GMT. 800; H. 959.

πάνυ μικρά: Socrates estimated his entire estate at five minae, or 500 drachmae (Oec. ii. 3.). Reckoning the drachma at eighteen cents, this would nominally be equivalent to ninety dollars. The purchasing power of money, however, was much greater in ancient than in modern times. The orator Lysias, who was reputed rich, was robbed by the Thirty of the bulk of his fortune, amounting to about 312 minae (Lys. xii. 11.). Boeckh (Staatshaushaltung der Athener 142 ff.) estimates that in the time of Socrates a family of four grown persons could live comfortably on five minae per annum; but as a man's entire estate, this sum would be, indeed, πάνυ μικρόν. On Attic money and its purchasing power, see Gow, Companion to School Classics, p. 88 ff.

κεκτημένος: for the circumstantial participle of concession, see G. 1563, 6; H. 969 e, and, for the case of the pred. participle, G. 927; H. 940. Cf. τῷ φανερὸς εἶναι 3.

ἔχειν: inf. of result. G. 1450; H. 953.

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