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ἰδεῖν: for the limiting inf. with adjs., see G. 1528; H. 952. Cf. i.6.9; iii. 8. 8.

ἐσθῆτι: const. with κεκοσμημένην.

τεθραμμένην εἰς πολυσαρκίαν τε καὶ ἁπαλότητα: pampered up to plumpness and delicacy.κεκαλλωπισμένην δὲ τὸ μὲν χρῶμα κτλ.: this sent. does not correspond to the previous one, either in the order of the clauses or in the words themselves. Xenophon seems often to have avoided complete uniformity in the parallel clauses of a rhetorical period; though it certainly might have been justified here, as being quite in keeping with the character of professional declamations, which abounded in antitheses.

τοῦ ὄντος, τῆς φύσεως: equivalent to ἦν, ἐπεφύκει. See Kr. Spr. 47. 27. 2.

ὥστε δοκεῖν φαίνεσθαι: cf. ἐκπλαγέντες τῷ δόξαι μέγαν τε καὶ καλὸν φανῆναι τὸν Κῦρον Cyr. viii. 3. 14.

ὀρθοτέραν: more erect, in order to appear taller. Tallness was esteemed by the Greeks. Cf., on the passage, ἰδών ποτε αὐτὴν ἐντετριμμένην πολλῷ ψιμυθίῳ (white lead), ὅπως λευκοτέρα ἔτι δοκοίη εἶναι ἦν, πολλῇ δὲ ἐγχούσῃ (red dye, from the plant anchusa), ὅπως ἐρυθροτέρα φαίνοιτο τῆς ἀληθείας, ὑποδήματα δ᾽ ἔχουσαν ὑψηλά, ὅπως μείζων δοκοίη εἶναι ἐπεφύκει Oec. X. 2, where Ischomachus is describing his youthful wife.

ὥρα: youthful beauty, with art. omitted.

διαλάμποι: for the potential opt. in rel. final clauses, see G. 1367; H. 937 a.

ἐπισκοπεῖν: looked, to see if etc.

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