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Εὔβουλος] Ἀναφλύστιος (ψήφισμα ap. Dem. de Cor. § 29), a demagogue (so Harpocration and the Schol.), orator and political opponent of Demosthenes, who mentions him very frequently in de Cor., de F. Leg., and elsewhere. This Eubulus is omitted in Smith's Dict. of Biogr.; but Baiter and Sauppe, in their excellent Index Nominum (Orat. Att. III. Ind. Nom. pp. 48, 9), have furnished a complete list of all the references to him from the Greek Orators, Scholiasts, and Lexicographers, which in some degree supplies the place of a biography. See also Ruhnken, Hist. Crit. Or. Gr. p. 146 [and especially Arnold Schaefer, Demosthenes und seine Zeit, I 173—191. S.]. He is attacked and apostrophized by Demosthenes, de F. Leg. §§ 290—293, and a passage of one of his speeches is referred to in § 292. ‘Eubulus in the law-court (at the trial) employed against Chares the saying of Plato (the Comic poet) against Archibius, that “the avowal of knavery (rascality) has grown in the city”.’ Meineke, in his Fragm./ Comm. Gr. (Plat. Fragm. Inc. XLI.) Vol. II 692, merely quotes this passage without attempting to restore the verse or explain the allusion. In his Hist. Crit. (Fr. Com. Gr. I 161, note) he had proposed to substitute Ἀγύῤῥιον for Ἀρχίβιον in the text of Aristotle, an opinion which is afterwards retracted in the other place referred to.

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