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‘However there is a difference in the characters of the recent and the hereditary possessors of wealth, in that the newly-enriched have all the bad qualities of their condition (τά) in a higher degree and worse (than the others); for recently acquired wealth is a sort of want of training in wealth (in the conduct, the use and enjoyment of it)’. On the habit of the parvenu, Victorius quotes Plut. Symp. VII, p. 708 C, καὶ περὶ οἴνων διαφορᾶς καὶ μύρων ἐρωτᾷν καὶ διαπυνθάνεσθαι φορτικὸν κομιδῇ καὶ νεόπλουτον; and Gaisford, Aesch. Agam. 1009, εἰ δ᾽ οὖν ἀνάγκη τῆσδ̓ ἐπιῤῥέποι τύχης, ἀρχαιοπλούτων δεσποτῶν πολλὴ χάρις: οἱ δ̓ οὔποτ̓ ἐλπίσαντες ἤμησαν καλῶς ὠμοί τε δούλοις πάντα καὶ παρὰ σταθμήν. Blomfield's Glossary. Donaldson's New Crat. § 323. Supra II 9. 9.

‘And the crimes that the wealthy commit are not of a mean character —petty offences of fraud and mischief—but are either crimes of insolence and violence or of licentiousness, such as assault (outrage on the person) in the one case, and adultery in the other’.

εἰς αἰκίαν κ.τ.λ.] signifies the direction or tendency, or the issue or result, of the particular ἀδίκημα. This distinction of crimes has already occurred twice in the delineation of the characters of Youth and Age, II 12. 15 (see note), and 13. 14. αἰκία, the legal crime of assault and battery, is here adduced as an illustration of ὕβρις, though under the Attic law it is expressly distinguished from it; ὕβρις denoting a higher class of crimes, subject to a γραφή or public prosecution, αἰκία only to a δίκη, private suit or action. [Isocr. Or. 20 §§ 2, 5; Dem. Or. 54 (Conon) §§ 1, 17. Comp. Jebb's Attic Orators II 215—6.]

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