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‘And men love their benefactors in general, (those who have done good) either to themselves or to those whom they care for; or those who have done them great and important services, or have shewn forwardness; readiness, in doing them; or if they were done on similar, i.e. great, occasions (when the need was urgent, or the benefit signal), and for their sakes alone; or those whom they suppose to wish to do them good’: the manifest inclination, τὸ κατὰ δύναμιν πρακτικὸν εἶναι τούτων, § 2, being, as a test of friendship, equivalent to the actual performance. For οὓς ἄν, Muretus, Wolf, and Brandis' Anonymus (in Schneidewin's Philologus IV. i. p. 46) read καὶ οὕς, as the commencement of a new topic.

τοιούτοις] ‘such as, similar to’ the before-mentioned, i.e. μεγάλοις. With this use of τοιοῦτος comp. Pl. Phaedo 59 A, 67 A, 79 C, 80 C, ἐάν τις χαριέντως ἔχων τὸ σῶμα καὶ ἐν τοιαύτῃ ὥρα, ‘at a similar period of life’, like the preceding, i.e. χαριέσσῃ. (See Stallbaum's note.) Thuc. III 58, Παυσανίας ἔθαπτεν αὐτοὺς νομίζων ἐν γῇ τε φιλίᾳ τιθέναι καὶ παρ᾽ ἀνδράσι τοιούτοις ‘and amongst men of the same sort’, i.e. φιλίοις. Demosth. de F. Leg. § 103, καὶ τοὐναντίον ὀργήν, ἂν τοιαῦτα φαίνηται πεποιηκώς, sc. ὀργῆς ἄξια. Arist. Pol. 1 8, 1256 a 36, οἱ δ᾽ ἀφ̓ ἁλιείας, ὅσοι λίμνας καὶ ἕλη καὶ ποταμοὺς θάλατταν τοιαύτην προσοικοῦσιν, ‘who live by a sea of the same kind’, i. e. of the same kind as the before-mentioned lakes, marshes, rivers, in which fish are to be found. Ib. II 4, 1262 b 1, ἧττον γὰρ ἔσται φιλία...... δεῖ δὲ τοιούτους εἶναι τοὺς ἀρχομένους, sc. ἧττον φίλους. Ib. VIII (V) 10, 1310 b 12, καθ᾽ ὑπεροχὴν τοιούτου γένους ‘a similar family’, to the preceding.

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