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‘(To make a phrase ἀστεῖον) it should always have (attached to it, προσεῖναι) some special personal application (τό τινα εἶναι πρὸς ὃν λέγεται), or propriety in the expression if what is said (is to) be true and not superficial’ (supra c. 10.5).

ἀληθές] i. e. sound, solid, substantial, genuine, comp. III 7.9, sententiam gravem et honestam, Victorius. Metiri se quemque suo modulo ac pede verum est. Hor. Ep. I. 7, ult. also I 12.23, “et saepe ap. Livium.” Orelli ad loc. These two, the ἀληθές and the μὴ ἐπιπόλαιον, do not always go together: when they are separated, the sentence loses its point and attraction. This separation is illustrated by two examples: the first, as a sentiment, has truth, weight, and solidity; the second is well enough written, as far as the style goes; but neither of them is particularly attractive.

‘Because these two may be separated in a sentence: for instance, “a man should die free from all offence”—but there is no point in that: “the worthy man should marry the worthy woman1”—but there is no point in that (this is superficial): but if they are both combined in the sentence (then only the sentence becomes pointed). “It is a worthy thing (or worth while) for a man to die when unworthy of death (when he has done nothing to deserve death).” Here we have the grave, sound, true doctrine, and the antithesis, which gives it point, and redeems it from superficiality. ‘But the greater the proportion of these qualities, the more pointed and attractive it appears; if, for instance, the (individual) words also were to convey (εἴη) a metaphor, and a metaphor of a particular kind (the proportional met. for example), and antithesis, and balanced clauses, and to carry with them vividness and animation’. On ἐνέργεια, see above § 1.

1 This comes most likely from Anaxandrides again (note on § 8). The verse ran thus τὴν ἀξίαν δὲ δεῖ γαμεῖν τὸν ἄξιον. Spengel, Artium Scriptores p. 20, adds δέ. Meineke, Fr. Comic. Gr. III 201.

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