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‘The simile is made in this way, by comparing for instance a flute-player to an ape’—Simia quam similis, turpissima bestia nobis [Ennius, ap. Cic. de Nat. Deor. I § 97]: besides this general resemblance of the two natures, there is also a special resemblance between the two, thus described by Victorius, “quod tibicines quoque ut simiae contracto corpore, manibusque ad os appositis, cum tibias inflant, ut bestia illa sedent.” The resemblance is quite sufficient to justify the simile.

In the next example we must (with Bekker and Spengel) read, after MS A^{c}, λύχνῳ [not λύκῳ], and omit εἰς.

‘And a short-sighted man to a lamp with water dropping upon it’. The involuntary contraction, the convulsive winking, of the half-closed eyes of the short-sighted man is compared to the fizzing, spirting, and sputtering of the lamp when water is dropped on it: ‘because both are contracted’. μύωψ (μύειν) is one that keeps his eyes half shut, Probl. XXXI 16, διὰ τί οἱ μύωπες βλέφαρα συνάγοντες ὁρῶσιν; Arist. makes the point of the comparison lie in the contraction of both, the eyelids and the flame. ψακάς or ψεκάς ‘a drop’; ψακάζειν ‘to drop, fall in drops’, Ar. Nub. 580 of the clouds, ψακαζόμεν, ‘we drizzle’; ψακάζεσθαι (pass.) ‘to be sprinkled with drops.’ Xen. Symp. II 26, ἢν δὲ ἡμῖν οἱ παῖδες μικραῖς κύλιξι πυκνὰ ἐπιψεκάζωσιν: opposed to ἄθροον πίνειν, to drink all at once, in large measures. The other is to distribute your potations in ‘drops’, as it were, in very small glasses; and so to make up for what you lose in the magnitude of the draught by the frequent repetition of the little one.

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