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1. περιελθεῖν τὴν χώραν: to make an inspection (περίοδος) of the land. An inscription of 380 B.C. records an order of the Amphictyons for official περίοδοι of the consecrated land, and for imposing a fine on any who should be found encroaching on it.

3. ᾐτιᾶτ̓, alleged (in his accusa- tion).

4. οὐδεμίαν ἐπαγόντων: Aesch. (116) says the Amphissians intended to propose a decree in the Council (εἰσέφερον δόγμα) fining Athens fifty talents for hanging up on the walls of the new temple some old shields, relics of Plataea, with the restored inscription, Ἀθηναῖοι ἀπὸ Μήδων καὶ Θηβαίων ὅτε τἀναντία τοῖς Ἕλλησιν ἐμάχοντο. Demosthenes cannot understand by δίκην ἐπαγόντων what Aeschines means by εἰσέφερον δόγμα. An intention to introduce a decree (εἰσέφερον) would not need a previous summons, which δίκην ἐπάγειν, and still more δίκην τελέσασθαι (7), to make a suit ready for trial, would require. And the further remark of Demosthenes, οὐδ᾽ νῦν οὗτος προφασίζεται (5), seems to imply that Aeschines had told a different story about the intentions of the Amphissians when he made his report of the meeting at Delphi (III. 125) from that which he told in court. It is therefore difficult to judge the argument of Demosthenes about the want of a legal summons.

8. ἀπὸ ποίας ἀρχῆς; from what authority did the summons come? Witnesses to a summons were required at Athens when the defendant was in Attica. These were called κλητῆρες, which same name was given to the officers of the law who served a summons on persons outside of Attica: see Ar. Av. 147, 1422. ἐκλήτευσεν refers to the act of such an Amphictyonic κλητήρ.

9. δεῖξον: cf. δεῖξον, XXIX. 41.— ἀλλ᾽ οὐκ ἂν ἔχοις: so § 76.3.

10. Notice position of ταύτῃ.

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