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4. μέχρι τούτου with ἕως, twice repeated. See πολλὰ in § 81.2, 3; cf. οὐχ in § 250.10, 11 and 322.1-3. Expressions like this show the relative character of ἕως and other particles meaning until. (M.T. 611, 612.)— Λασθένης: Lasthenes and Euthycrates are often mentioned as traitors who betrayed Olynthus to Philip: see Plut. Mor. p. 178 B: τῶν δὲ περὶ Λασθένην τὸν Ὀλύνθιον ἐγκαλούντων καὶ ἀγανακτούντων ὅτι προδότας αὐτοὺς ἔνιοι τῶν περὶ τὸν Φίλιππον ἀποκαλοῦσι, σκαιοὺς ἔφη (sc. Φίλιππος) φύσει καὶ ἀγροίκους εἶναι Μακεδόνας καὶ τὴν σκαφὴν σκαφὴν λέγοντας, i.e. they called a spade a spade.

6. Τιμόλας: Timolaus was a Theban, who was probably active in causing the surrender of Thebes to Philip after Chaeronea. Theopompus calls him the greatest voluptuary who was ever engaged in state affairs. See § 295.15.

7. Σῖμος: Simus belonged to the Thessalian house of the Aleuadae at Larissa, who called in Philip against the tyrants of Pherae in 352 B.C. See Hist. § 5. Eudicus is not otherwise known.

9. τί κακὸν οὐχὶ πασχόντων;= οὐδὲν κακὸν οὐχὶ (i.e. πάντα κακὰ) πασχόντων.—πᾶς᾿ οἰκουμένη is properly the whole habitable world, i.e. the Greek world; as in Ev. Luc. ii. I it is the whole Roman world. But here it is merely a loose expression with no special limit. We should say, “all the world is full of these wretches.”

10. Ἀρίστρατος, a tyrant of Sicyon.

11. Πέριλλος, of Megara: see XIX. 295. Perillus and Aristratus are in the “black-list” of Cor. § 295. For Philip's intrigues in Megara see Grote XI. 613, 621.

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