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A citizen force carries with it the star of Athens; but these paper armies do harm only to our allies.

ὅποι ... ἂν ... συναποσταλῇ must be taken together, οἶμαι being merely parenthetic.

τὸ τῆς τύχης, almost equivalent to τύχη, as in § 12: do not supply εὐμενές.

κενόν, ‘unsupported by any practical steps’: the phraseology of § 43 is intentionally echoed here.

βήματος. When the ἐκκλησία was assembled in the Pnyx, those who wished to speak did not simply rise in their places but made their way (παρῆλθον) to the platform (βῆμα) reserved for speakers (cf. the tribune of the French Assembly).

ἀποστόλους, governed through implication by τεθνᾶσι τῷ δέει, which contains the sense of δεδίασι; cf. Dem. 19. 81 τεθνάναι τῷ φόβῳ Θηβαίους. Accusatives thus loosely governed are not uncommon.

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