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τῆς αὑτοῦ χώρας, objective genitive, as representing the dative after ἐπιτειχίζειν: ‘fortified bases for operations against his territory.’ Note the direct reflexive form referring to the subject, not of the nearest verb (ἔχουσι) but of the more remote: the indirect form (οὗ) is not much used in Attic prose and its place is taken either by the direct, as here, or by the simple personal pronoun (αὐτοῦ) according to the amount of emphasis required.

ἔπραξεν, almost synonymous with ἐποίησεν, as in sup. § 2, and often. So far as they differ in meaning, ποιεῖν implies complete accomplishment of an act, while πράττειν does not.

ἐν μέσῳ, as the prizes for athletic competitions were exposed in the arena.

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