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§ 20-22 “Formerly,” said I, “Philip made concessions to Olynthus, and risked your hostility for her benefit. Could she then have any idea of what was to come (20)? But after brief prosperity she lost all through his action. So perilous for a free state is the friendship of a despot (21). Formerly Philip expelled despots from Thessaly and gave the Thessalians possessions and privileges. Could they then suppose that he would deprive them of liberty and property? But he has done so (22).”

πῶς γὰρ οἴεσθε. πῶς is frequently used with the second person (sing. or plur.) of a verb of thinking followed in many cases by an adverb, with a sense corresponding roughly to that of the English ‘you can't think how’: the verb of thinking may be treated either as the principal verb, as here, or as parenthetic. Cf. Dem. 1. 24 πῶς ἂν αὐτὸν οἴεσθ᾽ ἑτοίμως...ἐλθεῖν; ‘you can guess how readily,’ Aristoph. Ach. 24ὠστιοῦνται πῶς δοκεῖς”, ‘you can't think how they'll jostle,’ Frogs 54ἐπάταξε πῶς οἴει σφόδρα”, ‘struck me with—oh, such a pang!’ We may guess that originally the second adverb was the reply to the question πῶς.

ἀκούειν is the infinitive of the imperfect, εἰ...λέγοι being a general condition in past time: so προσδοκᾶν below.

Ἀνθεμοῦντα, a town whose exact position is not known. It was presumably near the frontier between Macedonia and the Chalcidian territories. It seems to have belonged to Macedonia since the 6th century (Thuc. II.99, 100), so that ἀντεποιοῦντο is rather an understatement of the case. Anthemus was handed over to Olynthus in 357, Potidaea, ‘the key of the peninsula of Pallene,’ in 356. See Introd. §§ 5, 6, 11.

τὴν χώραν, as the town itself was destroyed.

καρποῦσθαι, infin. of purpose, common after verbs of giving.

λέγοντος ἂν ... πιστεῦσαι , oblique, representing λέγοντος (=εἰ ἔλεγεν) ἂν ἐπίστευσαν.

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