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§ 26-27 Though they often listened with approval to these arguments, it seems likely that Philip's professions will beguile them after all (26). Well, they are but Peloponnesians. But it is only too likely that you Athenians, who ought to know better, will through your anxiety for present comfort come terribly to grief (27).

θορυβοῦντες, participle of the imperfect. The words καὶ... λέγεται are parenthetic or inserted διὰ μέσου, and λόγους is governed by ἀκούσαντες.

ὕστερον. It would appear from these words that Demosthenes left Messenia before the rest of the envoys.

ὡς ἔοικεν, to be taken with what follows, ‘as it seems’ from their present attitude.

ἀποσχήσονται, ‘refrain from,’ i.e. resist the temptation of.

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