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Besides Attic forms of ὅς τις (or ὅστις), τις, τι, these peculiar Homeric forms occur in the MSS. (equivalent Attic forms in parenthesis):

Case Masculine Neuter, where different
Singular: Nom. ὅτις” (Attic “ὅστις”) ὅττι” (“ τι”)
Gen. ὅττεο, ὅττευ, ὅτευ” (“ὅτου, οὗτινος”)
Dat. ὅτεῳ” (“ὅτῳ, ᾧτινι”)
Acc. ὅτινα” (“ὅντινα”) ὅττι” (“ τι”)
Plural: Nom. -- ἅσσα, ὅτινα” (“ἅττα, ἅτινα”)
Gen. ὅτεων” (“ὅτων, ὧντινων”)
Dat. ὁτέοισι”(“ν”) (“ὅτοις, οἷστισι”)
Acc. ὅτινας” (“οὕστινας”) ἅσσα” (“ἅττα”)

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