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[700] ἐυδμήτου ἐπὶ πύργου, perhaps the famous tower over the Scaean gate (3.149).

[706] δεινὰ δ᾽ ὁμοκλήσας, see note on E 439.

[707] οὔ νύ τοι αἶσα, ‘not at all is it your portion,’ ‘it is not decreed.’

[708] πέρθαι, § 131, § 185.

[714] ἀλῆναι, εἴλω.

[720] μιν, object of “προσέφη”.

[721] οὐδέ τί σε χρή, ‘it becomes you not at all’ to withdraw; ‘it ill becomes you.’ Cf. I 496.

[722] ‘Oh that I were as much superior to you [in position and power] as I am your inferior!’ Attic Greek would require “ἦν” rather than “εἴην”, Cf. § 202.

[723] τῷ, ‘then.’

στυγερῶς, ‘hatefully’; here, ‘to your hurt.’

[724] ἔφεπε, ‘drive ... after,’ has “ἵππους” as direct object and “Πατρόκλῳ” dependent on the prefix.

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