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[188] ἴω, deliberative subjunctive, § 194.

[189] οὐ ... εἴαε, ‘forbade.’

[191] A remarkable line because it contains no correct caesural pause; one may not occur before “γάρ§ 14), and “Ἡφαίστοιο πάρ᾽” are inseparable.

[192] On ἄλλου ... οἶδα see § 174 (4).—“τοῦ” or “ὅτευ” (relative ‘whose’) might be expected instead of the interrogative τεῦ. But compare a similar instance in Attic prose: “ἥδιστ᾽ ἂν ἀκούσαιμι τὸ ὄνομα τίς” (i. e. ‘of the man who’) “οὕτως ἐστὶ δεινὸς λέγειν κτλ.” (Xen. Anab. II, 5, 15.) [The common (but unsatisfactory) explanation of “ἄλλου ... τευ” is that the expression has been attracted from the accusative to the case of the following interrogative “τεῦ”.]

[197] = “ὅτι”.

[198] αὔτως, ‘just as you are,’ i. e. without armor.

[201] Cf. note on 16.43.

Lines 202-231 have been translated by Tennyson under the title “Achilles over the Trench.”

[205] δῖα θεάων, ‘goddess of goddesses.’

[206] αὐτοῦ, the cloud.

[207] καπνός, the smoke implies the presence of flame; cf. the use of “κάπνισσαν” (B 399), ‘lighted fires’; and with the combined radiance (“αὐγή”, l. 211) of the fire itself and its reflection in the smoke the bright cloud on Achilles's head is compared.

[208] τηλόθεν, to the poet, remote from the island that he is describing, the gleam rises ‘from afar.’

[209] οἳ δέ, ‘the townspeople.’ For the meaning of the rest cf. B 385.

[210] ἄστεος ἐκ σφετέρου, i. e. from their walls and towers.

[212] περικτιόνεσσιν ἰδέσθαι § 211), ‘for their neighbors to see.’

[213] αἴ κέν πως, ‘in the hope that.’

ἀρῆς ἀλκτῆρες, cf. l. 100.

[215] ἀπὸ τείχεος, ‘at a distance from the wall.’ Cf. I 87 and p. 83.

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