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[361] μῦθον, here ‘question.’

[362] ‘Surely now [“μὲν” (= “μὴν”) “δή”], even a man [“καὶ βροτός τις”], I suppose [“που”], although he is mortal and knows not so many counsels [as I]. is likely to accomplish [his purpose] with regard to a fellow man.’—That ἀνδρί is dative of disadvantage is suggested by the parallel expression. “Τρώεσσι ... κακὰ ῥάψαι” (l. 367).

[364] πῶς δὴ ἐγώ γ᾽ε) belongs to “ὄφελον” (l. 367): ‘why then ought not I.’

[365] ἀμφότερον, adverbial. ‘Both because [indicated by dative] ... and because [“οὕνεκα”].’

[369] That the poet imagines the workshop of Hephaestus on Olympus is shown by ll. 148 and 616.

[371] For some famous works of Hephaestus see note on A 608.

[372] ἑλισσόμενον, ‘bustling.’

[373] σπεύδοντα, ‘busily at work.’

πάντας, ‘in all.’

[375] ‘Placed golden wheels beneath the support [or ‘feet’] of them each.’

ὑπό belongs to “θῆκεν.

πυθμένι is dative after “ὑπό”, locative in origin.

σφ᾽ι) with its appositive “ἑκάστῳ” is dative of interest.—A spinning basket for wool, provided with wheels—given to Helen by Egyptian Alcandre—is mentioned, Od. 4.125-135. Such contrivances with wheels date back to the old Phoenicians (according to Helbig, Hom. Epos^{2}, p. 108, footnote 13, who compares among other illustrations I Kings vii, 27-38).

[376] οἱ=“αὐτῷ.

θεῖον δυσαίατ᾽ ἀγῶνα, ‘might enter the assembly of the gods.’

[377] θαῦμα ἰδέσθαι, cf. l. 83.

[378] τόσσον, adverbial, ‘so far.’

ἔχον τέλος=“τετελεσμένοι ἦσαν”. ‘And they were [so far =] almost completed, only the cunningly wrought ears were not yet fixed on.’

[379] ‘These he was preparing to fit, and was forging the rivets.’

[380] ἰδυίῃσι πραπίδεσσιν, cf. A 608.

[383] ἀμφιγυήεις, cf. A 607.

384 = Z 253, where see note.

[385] τανύπεπλε, for meaning see Introduction, 20.

[386] πάρος γε κτλ., ‘hitherto, at least, you have not at all been used to visit us often.’

[387] ξείνια [“δῶρα”], ‘entertainment’ = “ξεινήια”, l. 408.

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