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[590] χορόν, ‘dancing place.’ Some render by ‘dance.’

[594] ἀλλήλων κτλ., ‘taking one another's hands by the wrist.’

[595] λεπτὰς ὀθόνας, ‘fine garments’ of linen.

[596] εἵατ᾽ο), pluperfect of “ἕννυμι”. The youths' tunics, too, were probably made of linen. It would seem that in the process of weaving, the linen threads were sometimes moistened with oil, to make them pliable and shining. So ‘slightly shining with oil’ means that these garments had not yet lost the impress of their dressing of oil, that they were brandnew.

[598] ἐξ, ‘dangling from.’

[599] ὁτὲ μέν, correlative with “ἄλλοτε δ᾽”(“έ”) (l. 602), ‘sometimes’ ... ‘and at other times.’

θρέξασκον, see “τρέχω.

ἐπισταμένοισι, ‘cunning.’— The meaning is this: the boys and girls at one time would grasp one another's hands, form a circle, and whirl around like a potter's wheel; at another time they would form parallel lines facing each other; then they would run to meet or perhaps pass through each other's line.

[602] ἐπὶ στίχας, ‘in rows,’ ‘in lines,’ like 3.113.

ἀλλήλοισιν, the connection is obscure: interpreting as “ἀντιμέτωποι ἀλλήλοις γιγνόμενοι” (scholium) one may translate: ‘forming [in rows] face to face with each other.’

[604] τερπόμενοι, with “ὅμιλος”, agreement according to sense.

[606] μολπῆς ἐξάρχοντος, supply “ἀοιδοῦ”, ‘as the minstrel struck up his song.’

[612] ἧκεν, ‘let fall,’ ‘let flow down.’

[613] κνημῖδας κτλ., ‘greaves of pliant tin.’ So greaves as well as baldric (of silver, l. 480) and helmet plume (of gold, l. 612) and shield were extraordinary and more splendid than commonly. See Introduction, 30.

[617] τεύχεα μαρμαίροντα, Vergil's “arma radiantiaAen. VIII, 616).

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