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[38] μοι, dative of person interested: ‘I pray you.’

ἀνέρα τοῦτον, ‘the man yonder,’ your foe.

[41] σχέτλιος, an exclamation: ‘implacable’ (Achilles)! Cf. I 639.— αἴθε θεοῖσι κτλ., a grim wish, the sting lying in “ὅσσον ἐμοί” (l. 42). It amounts to “εἴθε ἐχθρὸς τοῖς θεοῖς γένοιτο” (scholium).

[46] Lycaon and Polydorus have both been slain by Achilles in the course of the present day's battle.

[47] ἀλέντων (“εἴλω”), genitive absolute with “Τρώων”.

[49] τ᾽ ... ἔπειτα, ‘surely in that case.’

[51] πολλά, a ‘large dowry’; see note on l. 472.

[59] πρὸς δ᾽έ), ‘and besides.’ “πρός” is an adverb here.—‘Have pity on me, unfortunate that I am [τὸν δύστηνον], while I yet live.’

[60] ἐπὶ γήραος οὐδῷ, ‘on the threshold of old age,’ i. e. at the end of life, when one's race has been run; the threshold from which one steps into death.

[61] ἐπ-ιδόντα, ‘after beholding’ many evils, which are enumerated in the following lines.

[62] ἑλκηθείσας, cf. Z 465.

[65] νυούς, ‘daughters-in-law.’

[66] πρώτῃσι θύρῃσιν, ‘at the front gate,’ the entrance into the courtyard (“αὐλή”), guarded by great folding doors (“θύρῃσιν”); also referred to below (l. 71), “ἐν προθύροισι”.

[67] ἂν (l. 66) ... “ἐρύουσιν”, future indicative § 190).

[68] τύψας ἠὲ βαλών, ‘smiting’ (perhaps with a sword) ‘or hitting from afar’ (as with a hurled spear); so the words are commonly distinguished; cf. note on O 745.

[70] οἵ, ‘these,’ i. e. the dogs.

πέρι, like 16.157.

[71] κ᾽ε) (l. 70) ... “κείσοντ᾽”(αι), § 190.—νέῳ δέ τε κτλ., ‘but for a young man it is in all respects becoming’ etc.

[73] πάντα, subject of “ἐστί”, to be supplied.

ὅττι φανήῃ, ‘whatever appears.’

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