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[644] αἰθούσῃ, see notes on l. 673 and Z 243.—The lodge of Achilles grows in grandeur, as the poet proceeds. It is described as if furnished like the Homeric prince's palace, in many respects.

[645] The τάπητας were spread on the “ῥήγεα” (cf. note on 16.224); on these Priam was to sleep, with woolen blankets to draw over him (“καθύπερθεν ἕσασθαι”).

[650] λέξο, intransitive; compare the transitive “λέξον”, l. 635.

[660] εἰ ... δή, ‘since really,’ like A 61.

[661] ῥέζων is equivalent to the protasis of a condition.

κεχαρισμένα θείης, ‘you would do welcome things,’ ‘you would gratify me.’

κε goes with “θείης”.

[662] ἐέλμεθα, εἴλω

τηλόθι δ᾽ ὕλη κτλ., ‘and the wood is far to bring.’

[665] δαινυῖτο, present optative, formed without thematic vowel.

[673] ἐν προδόμῳ δόμου: this expression locates the “αἴθουσα” of l. 644 immediately before the entrance to the large room of Achilles's lodge.

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