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[340] ἑκάτερθεν ὁμίλου = “ἐξ ἑκατέρου ὁμίλου”. The Greek point of view is characteristically ‘from’ the object; we say, ‘in either throng,’ ‘each in his own army.’

[342] δεινὸν δερκόμενοι, ‘glaring dreadfully.’

[346] πρόσθε, ‘first,’ like “πρόσθεν”, l. 317.

[348] ἔρρηξεν, the understood object is “ἀσπίδα.

οἱ αἰχμή, ‘its point’; οἱ (dative of interest, § 176) refers to “χαλκός”, ‘the bronze’ head of the spear.

[349] ὤρνυτο, ‘poised himself.’

[351] ἄνα, vocative of “ἄναξ.—δὸς τίσασθαι κτλ.”, ‘give me vengeance on him who’ etc.

[353] τις ... καὶ ὀψιγόνων ἀνθρώπων, ‘many a one of men to come also.’

ἐρρίγῃσι, form, § 136.6.

[354] φιλότητα παράσχῃ (“παρ-έχω”), ‘proffers hospitality.’

[357] διά, scansion, § 36.

[362] ἀνασχόμενος, ‘raising his arm’ to deal the blow.

αὐτῷ, i. e. the “φάλος”, on which see Introduction, 33.

[363] τε καί, for translation cf. B 303, 346, 3.40.

[366] κακότητος, genitive of cause, a common Attic construction; cf. Xen. Anab. VII, 4, 23, “τιμωρήσασθαι αὐτοὺς τῆς ἐπιθέσεως”, ‘to punish them for the attack.’

[367] ἄγη, ἄγνυμι.

[368] παλάμηφιν, here ablatival genitive, § 155, § 1; 175.

[369] κόρυθος, syntax, § 172.

[372] ὀχεύς, appositive to “ὅς.—τέτατο, τείνω”.

[374] ὀξύ, cognate accusative with “νόησε”, ‘had directed a quick glance.’

[375] ἱμάντα βοός (genitive of material) “κτλ.”, ‘strap made from the skir of an ox slain with might.’ This means a strong strap; for, as the scholiast explains, the leather made from diseased animals, that die natural deaths, is inferior.

κταμένοιο, aorist middle with passive meaning, § 185.

[376] κεινή (note the accent) = Attic “κενή.

τρυφάλεια, see Introduction, 33.

[380] ἔγχεϊ χαλκείῳ: the warrior regularly carried two spears; Menelaus's first spear only has been thrown (ll. 18, 367, 368).

[381] ὥς τε, § 123.6.

θεός, feminine, as A 516, etc.

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