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[470] ‘Seeing it nodding dreadfully from the peak of the helmet.’— δεινόν is cognate accusative with “νεύοντα”, which agrees with “λόφον” understood.

[472] κρατός, § 100.

[474] “κύσε, κυνέω.—πῆλε, πάλλω”.

[476] In this prayer (ll. 476 ff.) the Sophoclean scholia note a resemblance to the following lines which Ajax addresses to his child:

παῖ, γένοιο πατρὸς εὐτυχέστερος,
τὰ δ᾽ ἄλλ᾽ ὅμοιος: καὶ γένοι᾽ ἂν οὐ κακός.

‘My boy, I pray that you may be more fortunate than your father, but in all other respects like him; and you will not be base.’

[477] παῖδ᾽ ἐμόν, appositive to “τόνδε” (l. 476), while “ἀριπρεπέα” is a predicate adjective in agreement, after “γενέσθαι

Τρώεσσιν, ‘among the Trojans’; cf. 2.483,ἡρώεσσιν”.

[478] Instead of ἀνάσσειν an adjective or participle might be expected, corresponding with “ἀγαθόν”. As the construction stands, “ἀνάσσειν” depends on “δότε” (l. 476).

[479] τις, ‘men’ in general.

εἵποι, a prayer § 201).

[480] ἀνιόντα agrees with “μιν”, or a similar word, understood, object of “εἴποι”: ‘may men say of him, as he returns from war.’

[482] χερσίν, ‘arms,’ as 1.441.

[484] δακρυόεν, cognate accusative with “γελάσασα.

ἐλέησε, ‘was moved to pity.’

[486] δαιμονίη, ‘dear wife, I do not understand you.’

[487] ὑπὲρ αἶσαν, ‘beyond my doom,’ ‘before my time.’

[488] πεφυγμένον ἔμμεναι = Attic “πεφευγέναι”.

[489] κακὸν ... ἐσθλόν, in sense of ‘the coward’ and ‘the brave man.’

ἐπὴν τὰ πρῶτα γένηται, ‘when once he is born.’

[490] σ᾽ is for σά.

αὐτῆς agrees with the implied genitive. Compare l. 446, “αὺτοῦ”.

[499] γόον, a noun.

[500] γόον, a verb, commonly called second aorist of “γοάω” (l. 373).

[501] μιν, although short, receives the ictus.

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