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[2] φύζα, regulariy flight accompanied by fear; but the latter idea predominates in the present context: ‘panic.’

φόβου, as commonly in Homer, ‘flight.’

βεβολήατο, § 142.4, a.

[4] ὀρίνετον, aorist subjunctive or present indicative? Cf. § § 143; 144. II; 145; 197.

ιχθυόεντα, § 159.

[5] The northwest wind is meant.

[7] ἔχευεν, gnomic aorist § 184).

[8] Like a wild storm at sea was the spirit of the Achaeans, rent alike by fear and grief.

[10] φοίτα, the tense expresses repeated action.

[13] εἰν ἀγορῇ, § 35.

ἄν, § 46.

[18] 18-25. See notes on parallel passage, B 111-118.

[19] τότε refers to the occasion of the deceptive dream which Zeus sent to Agamemnon before the dawn a few days previous (B 8 ff.).

[26] 26-28. Agamemnon made this same proposal before the first day of battle, B 139-141. Then he spoke the words insincerely, to test his men's bravery; but now he speaks in good earnest.

[33] agrees with the predicate noun “θέμις”. In the assembly (“ἀγορῇ”) there is equality of speech, for the heroes at least.

[34] This disparagement of Diomedes's courage occurs in a speech of Agamemnon, in the course of the first day of battle (4.370-400). It begins “ μοι, Τυδέος υἱὲ δαΐφρονος ἱπποδάμοιο, τί πτώσσεις;

‘Ah me, son of the valiant knight Tydeus, why do you cower?’ But Agamemnon does not, in the passage referred to, actually use the words “ἀπτόλεμον καὶ ἀνάλκιδα” (l. 35).

[37] διάνδιχα, with one of two gifts, ‘by halves.’ Diomedes's taunt seems unjustifiable, for according to Helen's testimony (3.179) Agamemnon was “ἀμφότερον, βασιλεύς τ᾽ ἀγαθὸς κρατερός τ᾽ αἰχμητής”, ‘both a good king and a brave fighter.’

[39] τε, agreeing with predicate noun “κράτος”.

[40] δαιμόνι᾽ε), cf. A 561.

[42] ὥς τε (=Attic “ὥστε”) νέεσθαι, is set ‘on returning.’

[43] πάρ, § 46. Supply “έστί”.

[46] διαπέρσομεν, § § 143; 144, II.

With “εἰ δὲ καὶ αὐτοί” supply “ἐθέλουσι φυγεῖν”.

[47] φευγόντων, imperative. Compare Agamemnon's proposal, l. 27.

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