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[244] δείδοικα=“δέδϝοικα”. Cf. “δείδιμεν”, l. 230.

[245] ἤῃ, present subjunctive, third singular, of “εἰμί”, a conjectural form for the MS. “εἴη”.

[247] ἄνα, cf. Z 331.

καὶ ὀψέ περ, ‘late as it is.’ It will be recalled that there have been but two days of battle included in the time since Achilles withdrew.

[248] ἐρύεσθαι: if a nice distinction be drawn between “ἐρυ?́ω”, ‘drag,’ and “ῥυ?ομαι”, ‘preserve,’ ‘save,’ the spelling here should be “ῥυ?εσθαι”, which some editors introduce. Compare “ῥυ_σίπτολι” (or “ἐρυσίπτολι”), Z 305.—“ὑπό”= ‘from under.’

[249] οὐ δέ τι μῆχος κτλ., ‘and there is no means to find a cure for mischief once done.’

ἔστ᾽ may represent “ἔστι” or “ἔσται”.

[252] πέπον, ‘dear friend.’ Cf. the different sense, B 235.

[253] Nestor and Odysseus went to Phthia to persuade Peleus to allow Achilles to go to the Trojan war (cf. H 127, 11.765-784). On that occasion Peleus is supposed to have spoken the words quoted here.

[257] ἔριδος, ‘strife,’ but not, of course, with reference to any particular occasion. Achilles's high-strung temperament was known to his father.

[260] παύἐ (“παύεο”): this MS. reading is significant. For consistency's sake, “φράζευ” in l. 251 should read “φράζἐ”, since the formation of the two words is identical. The principle has wide application.

[261] δίδωσι, ‘offers’; cf. l. 164, “διδοῖς”.

[262] εἰ δέ, interjectional, like “ἄγε δή”. A probable emendation is “εἶα”. Cf. A 302.

καταλέξω, with “κε”, aorist subjunctive, § 192.

[263] κλισίῃσιν, the plural indicates that Agamemnon's lodge contained more than one room.

264-299. Repeated with necessary changes of person from ll. 122-157.

[273] ἀπηύρα, § 63.4.

[279] νηήσασθαι, § 213.

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