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§§ 6, 7. The family history. My mother had been married before to Cleomedon, a son of Cleon, with the dower of a talent. After his death, her brothers gave her to my father Mantias, with the same dower, to which I (my younger brother by her being dead) am now the sole claimant.

Πολυαράτου Cf. § 24. [In B.C. 409 he held a financial office, as is shown by an inscription concluding with the words Ἑλληνοταμίᾳ Ἀναιτίῳ Σφηττίῳ καὶ παρέδρῳ [Π]ολυαράτῳ Χολαργεῖ. Boeckh, Publ. Ec. II vii p. 245 Lamb. S.]

Χολαργέως Hesych. Χολαργῆς: δῆμος φυλῆς Ἀκαμαντίδος. Arist. Ach. 855 Λυσίστρατός τ᾽ ἐν τἀγορᾷ Χολαργέων ὄνειδος. More is said of these brothers inf. § 25.

τῷ Κλέωνος υἱεῖ See Arg. Or. 39, n. 1. On Cleon, the famous demagogue, see further in § 25.

ἐπιδόντος Cf. Isaeus de Pyrrhi hered. § 51 μήτε τὸ δέκατον μέρος ἐπιδοὺς ἐκδοῦναι τῇ γνησίᾳ θυγατρὶ τῶν πατρῴων. S.]

κομισαμένη ‘Receiving back.’ Kennedy.

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