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ἐμβάλλεται Or. 40 § 21 μαρτυρίαν οὐδεμίαν ἐμβεβλημένος, ib. §§ 28, 58; cf. 27 §§ 51, 54; 28 § 1; sc. εἰς τὸν ἐχῖνον (§ 27), Or. 49 § 65 ἐμβαλομἐνου ἐμοῦ ὅρκον εἰς τὸν ἐχῖνον, and 45 § 6. Trans. ‘puts in a false deposition endorsed with names which, I take it, you will recognise, when you hear them.’

ἐπιγράφεται Or. 53 § 14 κλητῆρα ἐπιγράφεται. The phrase hardly means ‘to give in one's list of witnesses’ (L. and S.), but rather ‘to have their names inscribed as witnesses.’ ἐπιγράφεται, it will be noticed, is previous in order of time to ἐμβάλλεται. This ὕστερον πρότερον enables the speaker to lead up more easily to the mention of the names of the witnesses.

The following μαρτυρία is indisputably authentic, and therefore serves as a standard by which others purporting to be original depositions may be tested. See notes on Or. 35 (Lacr.) § 10 and Or. 45 § 8.

Ἰκαριεὺς ..Ἁλαιεὺς ... Πιθεὺς The names of the corresponding demes are (1) Ἰκαρία, belonging to the tribe Aegeis, and placed by Leake p. 103 ‘in the southern part of Diacria, not far from the Marathonian district.’ (Bursian, however, identifies the Ἰκἀριον ὄρος with the southern spur of Cithaeron towards Megara, Geogr. I 251.)

(2) Ἁλαί, a name common to two sea-coast demes, the first Ἀλαὶ Αἰξωνίδες of the tribe Ce- cropis S.W. of Athens and N.W. of Cape Zoster; the second Ἀλαι Ἀραφηνίδες of the tribe Aegeis on the east coast of Attica near Brauron.

(3) Πίθος, of the tribe Cecropis, placed by Bursian N.E. of Athens, near the southern spurs of Pentelicus (Geogr. I 345).—For Ἀρχεβ́ιάδης see note on § 34.

μὴ πατάξαι Κόνωνα Ἀρίστωνα The sense shows that Conon is the subject, Ariston the object. The order of the words is, in itself, inconclusive.

ὡςλογιουμένους The accusative absolute of the participle is here used with ὡς, as often with ὥσπερ (quasi vero): ‘imagining that you will at once give credence, instead of drawing the true inference.’

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