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§§ 28—30. My opponents, after having themselves advanced their wall and raised the road's level, are most shamelessly suing the very victims of their own wrong, for a penalty of a thousand drachmae, while their own loss is less than fifty.

If the plaintiff may enclose his land, we may enclose ours. If my father wronged you, by enclosing, you are just as much wronging me, for if you dam off the water, it will be swept back on my property and will throw down my wall. But I am not going to complain; I shall simply do my best to protect my land. The plaintiff shows his prudence in protecting his own property; but in prosecuting me he only shows his villany and his infatuation.

ἀνακεχωκότες Cf. § 22 ὐψηλοτέραν τὴν ὁδὸν πεποιῆσθαι συμβέβηκεν.

χιλίων δραχμῶν (δίκην) άτίμητον Cf. §§ 18, 25, and Introduction, p. lxx.

Ἐλευσῖνι Commonly without ἐν, as in 21 § 158, 59 § 116, and Isaeus 11 §§ 41, 42, and in 4th century inscriptions. On the very exceptional ἐν Ἐλευσῖνι μάχη, Isaeus 5 § 42, see Wyse's note. So also Μαραθῶνι and other locatives of Attic demes. Cobet var. lect. p. 69, 201 and nov. lect. p. 95, 96; also Meisterhans, Gramm. d. att. Inschr., ed. 3, p. 208.

‘Eleusis was subject to occasional encroachments from the river Cephissus, which—although for the greater part of the year quite dry, or finding its way to the sea in three or four slender rills, almost lost in a gravelly bed—sometimes descends from the mountains with such impetuosity as to spread itself over a wide extent of the plain, damaging the lands and buildings.’ Leake's Demi of Attica, p. 154.

τὰς βλάβας κομίζεσθαι ‘to recover the damages.’—μετεωροτέρας = ὑψηλοτέρας, cf. § 22.

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