§ x. Bibliography.

The main authorities which I have cited or consulted are1:—

i. Texts: Bekker (1826), the Zurich ed. (Baiter, Orelli and Winckelmann, 1839), C. F. Hermann (1851), O. Jahn (1864), JahnUsener (1875), C. Badham (1866), M. Schanz (1881), J. Burnet (1901).

Critical essays or notes by Bast (1794), Voegelin, Naber, Teuffel, M. Vermehren (1870), J. J. Hartmann (1898).

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Other more general works consulted are: Teichmüller (Litt. Fehden, 1881), F. Horn (Platonstudien, 1893), W. Lutoslawski (Plato's Logic, 1897), T. Gomperz (Greek Thinkers, E.T. II. 1905), H. Raeder (Platons Philos. Entwickelung, 1905), J. Adam (Religious Teachers of Greece, 1908).

iv. Translations: E. Zeller (1857), A. Jung (2nd ed. 1900), B. Jowett, J. A. Stewart (selections, in The Myths of Plato, 1905).

1 Abbreviations used are—Bdhm.=Badham; Bt.=Burnet; Jn.=Jahn; J.-U.= Jahn-Usener; Sz.=Schanz; Verm.=Vermehren; Voeg.=Voegelin.

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