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23. ΠάραλοςἈντίμοιρος. The mother of Xanthippus and Paralus had once been the wife of Hipponicus, to whom she bare Callias: Plut. Pericl. XXIV. 9. In 320Aas well as in Meno, 94B Plato remarks that Pericles was unable to teach the art of statesmanship to either of his two sons: cf. Alc. I, 118E τὼΠερικλέους υἱέε ἠλιθίω ἐγενέσθην. They both died of the plague. One of the most interesting fragments of Protagoras describes the fortitude of Pericles when his sons died: see Appendix 11, p. 221, Frag. 3. Charmides, son of the elder Glaucon, was Plato's maternal uncle: the dialogue Charmides is named after him. He was φιλόσοφός τε καὶ πάνυ ποιητικός (Charm. 155A), and as remarkable for σωφροσύνη as for personal beauty (ibid. 157D). He was afterwards one of the Ten, and fell along with Critias at the battle of Munychia in 404 B.C. (Xen. Hell. II. 4. 19). Of Philippides and his father Philomelus and Antimoerus of Mende (on the west coast of the peninsula Pallene) nothing further is known.

28. τούτωνἐφαίνοντο. B and T omit οἵ, which was inserted by Stephanus: Heindorf prefers to insert ὧν after λεγομένων. The MSS. reading could only be defended if ἐφαίνοντο could be regarded as parenthetical = ὡς ἐφαίνοντο, like δοκεῖ μοι = ὡς δοκεῖ μοι (see on 314Cabove), but there seems to be no authority for such a use of φαίνομαι. It is hardly to be supposed that in ἐπακούοντες and ἐπήκοοι (in B below) there is an allusion to an outer circle of Protagorean students, deemed unworthy of the subtlest teaching of the master, in spite of Theaet. 152C, where Socrates is hardly serious.

30. ἐξ ἑκάστων τῶν πόλεων. The plural is used as in Theaet. 157C παρατίθημι ἑκάστων τῶν σοφῶν ἀπογεύσασθαι and Rep. X. 601A χρώματ᾽ ἄττα ἑκάστων τῶν τεχνῶν.

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