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οὐ γὰρ δὴ -- πράττει. See cr. n. Ast's emendation πράττει is preferable to inserting ἄν or changing δή to ἄν (with Schanz). The particle δή could ill be spared. The infinitive πράττειν is read by Galen (de Hipp. et Plat. decr. V p. 488 ed. Kühn) and two inferior MSS. Those who retain the MS reading suppose that ἄν is carried on from ἕτερον ἂν εἴη; but the instances cited in support (I 352 E, II 360 C, 382 D, III 398 A) are very much easier than this. περὶ τὸ αὐτό refers of course to the object of the action in question: πῶμα for instance in a case of thirst. Note that Plato betrays a sense of the unity of soul when he uses the expressions αὐτὴνδιψῶσαν, and τό γε αὐτὸπράττει. So also in D below λογίζεται sc. ψυχή. See on 435 A ff.

αὐτοῦ. See 428 A note The illustration, as Bosanquet conjectures, may have been suggested by Heraclitus' παλίντροπος ἀρμονίη ὄκωσπερ τόξου καὶ λύρης (Fr. 45 Byw.).

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