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ἅτε -- ἄρχοντες κτλ. As in timarchy (550 D ff.), so in oligarchy, it is the love of money which sows the seeds of party strife and political degeneration. Cf. generally 552 A note and Aristotle Pol. E 6. 1305^{b} 39 ff., with his criticism of Plato ibid. 12. 1316^{b} 15 ff.

εἰσδανείζοντες: i.e. ‘lending money on-the-security-of’ (εἰς). The τὰ τῶν τοιούτων should be taken with the εἰς of εἰσδανείζοντες as well as with ὠνούμενοι: cf. Arist. Pol. Z 4. 1319^{a} 13 δανείζειν εἴς τι μέρος τῆς ὑπαρχούσης ἑκάστῳ γῆς and Dem. in Aphob. I 28. The word εἰσδανείζω is a ἅπαξ εἰρημένον, but we certainly ought not to substitute ἐκδανείζοντες (suggested by Stephanus) or προσδανείζοντες (with Richards).

δῆλον ἤδη τοῦτο κτλ. See 550 E note

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