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δὴ. Badham suggests η, needlessly: cf. IX 573 E and 574 C (Baiter).

ἐπιλίπῃ κτλ. ἐπιλείπῃ (see cr. n.) is retained by Hermann, but the aorist, which nearly all the MSS read, is no less necessary here than in I 340 E, IX 573 E and X 601 B. Cf. Heller Curae Criticae pp. 3 ff. On τῶν πατρῴων see IX 574 A note

μανθάνω -- ὅτι. A comparison with 584 A line 8 and with 496 A line 8 (see cr. nn. ad loc.) shows that ἔφην ἐγώ, and not ἧν δ᾽ ἐγώ is in all probability the right reading in this place. ὅτι = (you say so) ‘because,’ not ‘that’: see on I 332 A.

πῶς δὲ λέγεις κτλ. ‘And how say you,’ quoth I, ‘if the Demos be somewhat wroth’ etc. I formerly read πῶς λέγεις with Ξ and some other inferior MSS, but now revert to the best supported reading, except that, with q, I print ἐάν τι for ἐάν τε (see cr. n.). If we read πῶς λέγεις, we must take the words as referring to πολλὴ αὐτῷἀνάγκη: if πῶς δὲ λέγεις, the reference will be to the words which follow εἷπον, and πῶς δὲ λέγεις will then invite the reply which Adimantus gives below, viz. γνώσεταί γεἐξελαύνει. It seems to me better in every way to make the question refer to the new point which is about to be raised by Socrates; for the statement that the Demos will have to support the tyrant is already complete, and needs neither further elucidation nor any expression of surprise. A majority of editors read ἐὰν δέ for ἐάν τε. I think that τε must be wrong in any case, unless (with Schneider) we postulate an awkward anacoluthon, as though Socrates meant to add ἐάν τε μή. The reading of τι for τε enables us to retain πῶς δὲ λέγεις, and refer the question to what follows: for which reasons I now follow q.

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