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[2] 5. τά τε ἄλλα—the τε=‘both,’ looking as to what follows; so that we have here an explanation of υποψιας ... παροῦσι. (Some edd. insert καί before τά.)

6. ἐξεδεδιῄτητο κτλ.=ἔξω τῶν ... ἐδεδιῄτητο.

7. τὸν τρίποδα—this was a golden tripod suppoited by a bronze stand in the shape of three serpents twisted together (Herod. 9.33). It was dedicated after Plaraea. The gold part was afterwards destroyed by the Phocians in the Sacred War (Pausan. x. xiii. 9), but the stand was removed to Byzantium, and still exists at Constantinople. See Hicks Man. Hist. Inscr. p. 11.

10. τὸ ἐλεγεῖον—this ‘couplet,’ which ‘he dared to have inscribed on his own authority,’ is attributed to Simonides of Ceos. In the Anthology it reads thus:

Ἑλλάνων ἀρχαγὸς ἐπεὶ στρατὸν ὤλεσα Μήδων Ηαυσανίας Φοίβῳ μνᾶμ᾽ ἀνέθηκα τόδε.

ἀρχηγός was a title of the Spartan kings.

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