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4. τῶν δὲ πρότερον—it is by this time shown that τὰ παλαιά (cc. 2-17) were unimportant as compared with the Pel. War. But there remains the war against Xerxes (τὸ Μηδικόν, see c. 18. 2, the μέγας στόλος); and to that Thuc. now passes.

5. δυοῖν ναυμαχίαιν καὶ πεζομαχίαιν—which battles were these? The Schol says Artemisium and Salamis; Thermopylae and Plataea. But it is difficult to see how Mycale could be left out, and owing to the indecisive character of Artemisium, it is likely that Thuc. did not mean to include it, and reckoned Mycale as a ναυμαχία.

7. τούτου δὲ τοῦ π.—it is not possible to say with certainty whether Thuc. alludes to the Ten Years' War, or the whole of the Pel. War.


8. ξυνηνέχθη—cf. c. 9. 2. This use also, with an infin., is frequent in Herod.

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