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This demand was specially directed against Pericles.

δή: so οὖν (c. 26. 1; 51. 1) and δ᾽ οὖν (c. 3. 19; 10. 33; 63. 4), after a considerable digression; here referring to c. 126. 5.

δῆθεν: as they pretended; see on c. 92. 3. Here and in iv.99.7 placed before the words referred to; unusual, but cf. Soph. Tr. 382; Eur. Or. 1119.—πρῶτον: enhancement of the irony; first of all, potissimum. Cf. Eur. Med. 377; Phoen. 886.—εἰδότες δέ: from the position this means, but in fact because they knew.

προσεχόμενον αὐτῷ: sc. τῷ ἄγει; an unusual expression, explained by Plut. Per. 33, τὸ ἄγος, τὸ μητρόθεν γένος τοῦ Περικλέους ἔνοχον ἦν. His mother was Agariste, the niece of the Alcmaeonid Clisthenes. Hdt. vi. 131.

προχωρεῖν: inf. pres. in sense of fut. after νομίζοντες. See on c. 82. 18; 93. 13. But St. reads ῥᾷον ἂν σφίσι, and so B., v. H. Sh. thinks the pres. inf. is retained from the dir. disc., comparing iv.24.12; viii.27.14.

τὰ ἀπὸ τῶν Ἀθηναίων: what they hoped from the Athenians. Cf. iii.4.19; v.37.18; vii.77.17; viii.48.18; 51. 15; 56. 3.

οὐ τοσοῦτον...ὅσον : see on c. 88. 2.

παθεῖν ἂν...οἴσειν : the former of the limited act of banishment, the latter of enduring disfavour. Cf. c. 140. 28; ii.64.21; iii.13.28; 38. 12. Herbst, Hamb. Progr., 1867, p. 14. Thuc. uses φέρειν in this sense only with a thing for subj. (cf. c. 5. 10; 33. 11; ii.37.18; iv.17.4; vi.16.5); so here τοῦτο τὸ πρᾶγμα must be supplied.

τὴν πόλιν:=τοὺς πολίτας.

τὴν ἐκείνου ξυμφοράν : the Lacedaemonians profess to regard his connexion with the Alcmaeonidae as a misfortune.—τὸ μέρος: see on c. 74. 23.

ἔσται: emphatic by its position. See on c. 2. 5.

ὤν: always with emphasis when it precedes (cf. c. 21. 5; 124. 4; 130. 2; ii.2.11; vi.15.9); since he was undoubtedly the most influential man at that time in Athens.

ἄγων: cf. ii.65.34.

οὐκ εἴα: cf. c. 28. 9; 52. 13; 133. 13; vi.72.7.

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