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You need feel no scruple on the ground of interference with the traditional relations of colony and mothercity; for the Corinthians have already trespassed on these. And you will do well to be on your guard against their hostile purposes.

μαθέτωσαν: we would have them know, with a touch of irony. Such turns are common in the tragic poets. See App.

ἐκπέμπονται: the subject is by synesis οἱ ἄποικοι implied in πᾶσα ἀποικία. Cf. c. 13. 6.

προκληθέντες: προκαλεῖσθαί τινα (always mid.) ἐς κρίσιν, as ἐς σπονδὰς καὶ διάλυσιν, iv.19.1; ἐς δίκας, vii.18.16, 23.

τῷ ἴσῳ: i.e. δίκας διδόντες καὶ λαμβάνοντες. Cf. ii.37.5; iii.53.5.—μετελθεῖν: μετιέναι is used with acc. either of the charge to be maintained or of the person to be punished. Cf. iv.62.13.

ἔστω τι...δρῶσιν : “let their behaviour to us be a warning for you.” For τι, bringing out the significance of the τεκμήριον, cf. ii.11.14; iii.13.4.— 9. ἀπάτῃ τε...δεομένοις τε : these words placed at the head of their clauses to emphasize the two means of seduction which may be employed; and therefore not the usual μήτε . . . μήτε.— 10. ἐκτοῦ εὐθέος : belongs to δεομένοις, in an open way, opp. to ἀπάτῃ, which resorts to crooked ways. Cf. ἀπὸ τοῦ προφανοῦς, c. 35. 17; ἀπὸ τοῦ εὐθέος, iii.43.5; ἀπὸ ποίου ἂν τάχους ἀποφύγοι, Xen. An. ii.5.7.

λαμβάνων: this verb with substs. of moral meaning forms a periphrasis of verbs expressing disposition, feeling, etc. (μεταμέλειαν λαμβάνειν = μεταμελεῖσθαι), as ποιεῖσθαι does with expressions of activity. See on c. 6. 3. Cf. εὔνοιαν, c. 77. 21; σωφροσύνην, viii.64.21; φρόνησιν, Soph. Phil. 1078. Then the place of an adv. is supplied by a pred. adj., as ἐλαχίστας here.

διατελοίη: with adj. without ὤν, as vi.89.6. See on c. 32. 9.

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