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Do not then take up their cause, since it has no basis of justice.

περιπεπτωκότες: chiefly used of unfortunate circumstances. Cf. ii.54.1; 59. 6; v.14.15; 111. 16; viii.27.14; 33. 13.—οἷς: Cl. follows St., Jahrb. 1863, p. 471, in governing this (= τούτοις οἷς) by περιπεπτωκότα understood with αὐτόν τινα. But it is hardly credible that this could have been felt; and it seems better, with P. and Cl.'s earlier opinion, to resolve οἷς into τούτοις , the rel. being governed by προείπομεν (cf. c. 26. 20; ii.8.15) and κολάζειν being governed by the continued force of εἴπομεν now = ἐκελεύσαμεν. “Finding ourselves fallen under the operation of the rule which we proclaimed in Sparta (c. 40. 20), (when we recommended) that each power should discipline its own allies.” But the words τοὺς σφετέρους . . . κολάζειν are bracketed by v. H. after Cobet, as a gloss introduced from c. 40. 20; and the use of σφετέρους as a poss. pron. of the sing. seems very dubious in prose. Kühn. 170, p. 463. See Naber, Mnem. 12, p. 33.

κομίζεσθαι: usually of good things. Cf. iii.58.6; iv.98.25; Dem. XXI. 171, κεκόμισται χάριν παῤ ὑμῶν.

καὶ μὴ...βλάψαι : sc. ὑμᾶς (inserted by v. H.), with abrupt change of subject. μή with inf. after ἀξιοῦν = οὐκ with ἀξιοῦν itself (as with ἐᾶν, c. 133. 13). Cf. c. 136. 12; ii.89.2; iii.44.12.

γνόντες: having determined, i.e., as Sh. says, “showing by your vote.”

ἐν ...ἐχθρός : the general statement of c. 41. 13 applied to the present case; μάλιστα belongs to both members.

βίᾳ ἡμῶν: see on c. 11. 9; in defiance of us, a forcible ἀκόντων ἡμῶν. Cf. c. 68. 19; iv.99.6; v.21.9.

βουλεύσεσθε: with acc. of a neut. pron. or adj. only. Cf. c. 85. 11; vi.23.9.

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