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The practice also of settling in towns at a distance from the coast was general.

πλοϊμωτέρων ὄντων: the gen. abs. of neut. pl. of adj. used impers., when navigation was safer. Cf. iv.20.5, ὄντων ἀκρίτων. This use of neut. pl. of adj. is freq. in Thuc. Cf. ἀδύνατα, c. 1. 11; ἑτοῖμα, ii.3.15; 56. 4; ἄπορα, iii.16.11; particularly of verbals: παριτητέα, c. 72. 4; πολεμητέα, c. 88. 2. Kühn. 366. Except here and in c. 8. 8 πλόιμος in Thuc. = ‘seaworthy.’ Cf. c. 29. 14; 50. 17, etc.περιουσίας...ἐκτίζοντο : cf. c. 2. 7. The pl. of the abstract noun in reference to several subjects. So c. 8. 15.

ἐκτίζοντο κτἑ.: in the prot. (ὅσαι . . . ᾠκίσθησαν) the πόλεις are conceived as existing; here their origin is stated, and so the impf. In ἀπελάμβανον and ἕκαστοι the personality of the settlers implied in πόλεις is fully brought out. This verb implies the occupation of an isthmus from sea to sea. Cf. iv.45.7; vii.60.9.

ἔνεκα: see on c. 5. 6.

ἐπὶπολὺ ἀντισχοῦσαν: long maintaining its existence, attrib. to λῃστείαν. For its position, see on c. 11. 19; and cf. c. 6. 3; for the meaning, cf. ii.64.26; vi.69.9; vii.71.26. This aor. partic. and ᾠκίσθησαν sum up the results of the previous state of things (cf. c. 6. 3, 13), while the pf. in 9 states the still existing result.—ἀπὸ θαλάσσης: at a distance from the sea. In this sense some print ἄπο. But see Kühn. 86, 1, note 1; Göttling, Accentlehre, 380.

καὶ ἐν ταῖς: without repetition of αἱ. Cf. iv.25.6; 45. 10; 85. 16; vii.7.1.

ἔφερον: plundered, in the sense of the usual φέρειν καὶ ἄγειν (Hdt. vi.42.7; Dem. IV. 34), recurs in Polyb. Cf. Eur. Hec. 804, θεῶν ἱερὰ τολμῶσιν φέρειν. The subj. is οἱ λῃστεύοντες.

ἀνῳκισμέναι : = ἄνω ᾠκισμέναι. Cf. c. 58. 13; viii.31.8. See App.

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