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For if you meet with any considerable reverse in Sicily, your enemies here will surely renew the war; indeed it is likely that they will unite with the Siceliotes if they find your forces divided. It is bad policy to seek new dominion in Sicily before we have firmly established our sway at home.

φημί: emphatically put first in an explanation, as 39. 1, 87. 4; Dem. 2. 11.—γάρ: see on 33. 7.— ὑμᾶς, δεῦρο: universally accepted corrections of the Mss. readings (ἡμᾶς, δεύτερον).

ἐπαγαγέσθαι: bring upon you, as 5. 98. 10.

τὰς...σπονδάς : cf. 5. 18, 19.— 4. αἵ: rel. with adversative force. See on 1. 35. 15; 4. 17. 18.—ὀνόματι: merely in name, μέχρις ὀνόματος (Schol.).

ἄνδρες: for τινες, with intentional omission of name. Cf. 38. 3, 50. 11; 1. 107. 19; 4. 132. 16. Under ἐνθένδε are meant esp. Alcibiades, under ἐκ τῶν ἐναντίων e.g. Cleobulus and Xenares (5. 36. § 1).—ἔπραξαν αὐτά: negotiated them, i.e. the relations between Athens and the Peloponnesians (αὐτά with all good Mss., not αὐτάς). See on τἆλλα πρᾶξαι 8. 13. For αὐτά of matters under discussion, see on 1. 1. 10.

σφαλέντων δέ που ἀξιόχρεῳ δυνάμει: but should you fail perchance with a considerable force. For same const. of dat. with σφαλῆναι, cf. 2. 65. 51. Note gen. abs., for greater emphasis, notwithstanding ἡμῖν in leading clause. See on 1, 114. 2. GMT. 850; Kr. Spr. 47, 4, 2.— ἐπιχείρησιν ποιήσονται: periphrasis for simple verb.

διὰ ξυμφορῶν: in consequence of misfortunes.

ξύμβασις...ἐγένετο : = pass. of ξύμβασιν ποιεῖσθαι (see on 6).—ἐκ τοῦ αἰσχίονος ἡμῖν: with less credit than to us. Cf. 11. 23 διὰ τὸ αἰσχρόν. Steup follows Naber (Mnem. N. S. XIV, 324) in bracketing ἡμῖν, on the ground that Nicias could not have said in the Ecclesia that the Athenians at the conclusion of the fifty years' peace were in a discreditable condition, and sees in these words a mistaken explanation of ἐκ τοῦ αἰσχίονος.

κατ̓ ἀνάγκην : under compulsion, defined by διὰ ξυμφορῶν and ἐκ τοῦ αἰσχίονος. Weidner (Parerga Dinarch. et Thuc. p. 20) would reject the words.

ἔπειτα ἐν αὐτῇ κτἑ.: independent sent. tacked on to rel. Cf. 2. 41. 15. Kr. Spr. 59, 2, 6.—τὰ ἀμφισβητούμενα: disputed points, for which see 5. 35, 42.

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