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Nicias, in response to a demand for it, states more specifically the land and naval armaments which he deems necessary.

παρελθών τις: Demostratus by name, acc. to Plut. Nic. 12.

παρακαλέσας: calling on, appealing to. Cf. Lys. 22. 8 παρακαλέσαντες τοὺς ἄρχοντας ἠρωτῶμεν.

διαμέλλειν : freq. in Thuc., but elsewhere only in late writers.—ἤδη: right now, as 29. 6, 9.

ψηφίσωνται: delib. subjv., as 1. 107. 25. Kr. Spr. 54, 7, 1.

ἄκων μὲν εἶπεν: brachylogy for ἄκων μὲν εἶπεν, εἶπε δέ.

ὅσα...δοκεῖν : so far, however, as it now seemed to him. For inf., cf. 1. 2. 8; 3. 49. 16. GMT. 759; Kr. Spr. 55, 3, 5.

οὐκ ἔλασσον: see on 1. 8.—πλευστέα: for Thuc.'s use of neut. pl., see on 1. 7. 2, and C. F. Smith, Trans. Amer. Phil. Assoc. XXV, 73f.—αὐτῶν δ̓ Ἀθηναίων κτἑ.: the sense is clearly that of 100 Athenian triremesas many as may seem necessary shall be used for transports —40 acc. to 31. § 3; 43. § 1—and that other triremes besides the 100 shall be called for from the allies. Kr. suggests αὐτῶν [δ̓] Ἀθηναίων, <ὧν> ἔσεσθαι κτἑ., which Hude adopts. Stcup thinks there is a lacuna after ἔσεσθαι to be filled in with ταχείας ἑξήκοντα καί.

αὐτῶν δ̓ Ἀθηναίων : for proper name without art. when joined with αὐτός, see on 1. 27. 15.

ἤν τι δύνωνται: if in any way they can, as 7. 29. 5.— 12. ὡς κατὰ λόγον: in proportion (i.e. with the hoplites). ὡς as with καθ̓ ἕκαστα.

τῶν αὐτόθεν καὶ ἐκ Κρήτης : cf. c. 43, and see on 2. 13. 54.

σφενδονητῶν: 700 Rhodian slingers were taken, acc. to 43. 15.—πρἑπον εἶναι: see App. on 14. 1. 5.

ἑτοιμασάμενοι ἄξειν: grammatically belonging to εἶπεν, but really with the three strategi in mind.

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