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Vain attempt of the Athenian flect to win over the Camarinaeans. First, hostilities after landing in the territory of the Syracusans. Return to Catana.

ἔκ τε Καμαρίνης: correlated with καὶ ὅτι Συρακόσιοι κτἑ. (2); the announcements came simultaneously from different quarters.

αὖθις: further, after πρῶτον (3) implying advance not retrogression. Cf. 90. 4; 5. 36. 11, 76. 9; 8. 22. 13, and see on 1. 70. 9.—σχόντες ἐς: see on 3. 29. 5 and 7. 1. 14.—ἐς τὸν αἰγιαλόν: on the open coast, as opp. to λιμήν, in which they were not received.

σφίσι τὰ ὅρκια εἶναι κτἑ.: accordingly the Athenians must have based their call to the Camarinaeans to join them on a sworn agreement between Camarina and Athens. But this compact was hardly, as Cl. supposed, the peace of Gela (4. 65. § 1, 2). For we have no warrant for assuming that this peace had regulated also the relations of the Athenians to the Sicilian cities to which they had lent assistance against Syracuse, i.e. Leontini, Camarina, etc. On the other hand, the passage in 75. § 3 πυνθανόμενοι τοὺς Ἀθηναίους ἐς τὴν Καμάριναν κατὰ τὴν ἐπὶ Λάχητος γενομένην ξυμμαχίαν πρεσβεύεσθαι, εἴ πως προσαγάγοιντο αὐτούς (cf. 82. § 1 ἀφικόμεθα ἐπὶ τῆς πρότερον οὔσης ξυμμαχίας ἀνανεώσει) makes strongly for an alliance concluded between Athens and Camarina at the time of the command of Laches (3. 86. § 1 ff.).

μιᾷ νηί: i.e. coming with only one ship and asking admittance. Cf. 2. 7. 13; 3. 71. 4.

μεταπέμπωσιν: used by Thuc. in both act. and mid. with same force. See on 1. 112. 6.

ἀποβάντες: on the return to Catana.—κατά τι τῆς Συρακοσίας: at some point of Syracusan territory on the coast.

ποιησάμενοι καὶ...βοηθησάντων : for combination of ptes. concordant and absolute, cf. 4. 54. 16, 133. 3. GMT. 876.

τινας ἐσκεδασμένους: of the Athenians who had scattered ἁρπαγὴν ποιούμενοι.

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