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After long and brave resistance the Syracusan army was routed, first by the Argives, then also by the Athenians; but the superior cavalry of the Syracusans prevented pursuit.

γενομένης ἐν χερσὶ τῆς μάχης: the battle had been begun by the λιθοβόλοι καὶ σφενδονῆται καὶ τοξόται 69. 13. γίγνεσθαι ἐν χερσί is used of the combat (4. 43. 8, 14) as well as of the combatants (3. 108. 1; 5. 72. 10; 7. 5. 6).

ἅμα: at the same time (with the combat). Cf. 7. 79. 9.—γενέσθαι: freq. used of natural phenomena. See on 1. 54. 23.— 3. ὕδωρ: cf. 2. 5. 5, 77. 18; 7. 79. 9.— 4. πολέμῳ ὡμιληκόσι: see on 55. 17. —καὶ τοῦτο ξυνεπιλαβέσθαι τοῦ φόβου: this too (the storm) contributed to (increased) their fear. Cf. 8. 26. 5, and see on 1. 115. 9.

καὶ ὥρᾳ ἔτους: even to the season of the year. The sense of the passage is: “while to the more experienced the weather phenomena seemed to be due really to the season of the year” (i.e. the χειμών 63. 1). Cf. 7. 79. § 3.

τοὺς δὲ ἀνθεστῶτας...παρέχειν : the emphasis is on μὴ νικωμένους: the fact that their antagonists were not conquered (i.e. after so long a conflict) caused far more consternation. For the ptc. in pred. position with force of verbal subst., see App. on 4. 63. 2.

ὠσαμένων: pushed back, routed. See on 4. 35. 11.

τὸ κατὰ σφᾶς αὐτούς: i.e. the center (67. 3).—παρερρήγνυτο: i.e. the line was broken; cf. 4. 96. 25; 5. 73. 3.

ἐσβαλόντες: cf. 101. 25; 2. 100. 22.

προδιώκοντας: pushing forward in pursuit. Prob. elsewhere only in Xen. Anab. 3. 3. 10.

ἀνέστελλον: they drove them back. Cf. 3. 98. 3.

ἵστασαν: proceeded to set up. See on 5. 74. 5.

ὡς ἐκ τῶν παρόντων: as well as possible under present circumstances; also 4. 17. 4. Cf. ὡς ὧδ᾽ ἐχόντων Soph. Ant. 1179.

τὸ Ὀλυμπιεῖον: cf. 64. 11, 65. 15.—ὅμως: nevertheless, i.e. although beaten.—σφῶν αὐτῶν παρέπεμψαν: sent from themselves (part. gen.), i.e. from the main body that was retiring to the city.

τῶν χρημάτων: part. gen., as 1. 143. 2.

καὶ οἱ λοιποὶ ἐπανεχώρησαν: correlated with ἔς τε τὸ Ὀλυμπιεῖον . . . παρέπεμψαν, although in the course of the narrative the subject has been restricted.

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