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2. A son of Erechtheus, king of Athens, and father of Phalerus the Argonaut. (Apollon. 1.97; Hyg. Fab. 14.) Valerius Flaccus (1.399, &c.) represents him as such a skilful archer, that once, when a serpent had entwined his son, he shot the serpent without hurtinn his chlid. Virgil (Eclog. 5.11) mentions an Alcon, whom Servius calls a Cretan, and of whom he relates almost the same story as that which Valerius Flaccus ascribes to Alcon, the son of Erechtheus.

Two other personages of the same name occur in Cicero (de Nat. Deor. 3.21), and in Hyginus. (Fab. 173.)


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