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*)Andro/nikos), a Greek PHYSICIAN, mentioned by Galen (De Compos. Medicam. sec. Locos, 7.6, vol. xiii. p. 114) and Theodorus Priscianus (Rer. Mledic. 1.18, 2.1, 6, pp. 18, 37, ed. Argent), who must therefore have lived some time before the second century after Christ. No other particulars are known respecting him; but it may be remarked, that the Andronicus quoted several times by Galen with the epithet Peripateticus or Rhodius, is probably quite another person. He is called by Tiraquellus (De Nobilitate, 100.31), and after him by Fabricius (Bibl. Gr. vol. xiii. p. 62, ed. vet.), "Andronicus Ticianus," but this is a mistake, as Andronicus and Titianus appear to have been two different persons.


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