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1. The author of a work Περὶ Ψυχῆς, On the Soul, of which the second book is quoted by the Scholiast on Homer (II. λ. 115. p. 306, ed. Bekker; Cramer, Anecd. Graeca Paris. vol. iii. p. 14), in which he said that the soul increased, diminished, and at last perished with the body; and which may very possibly be the work quoted by Diogenes Laertius (7.157), and commonly attributed to Antipater of Tarsus. If he be the physician who is said by Galen (De Meth. Med. 1.7, vol. x. p. 52; Introd. 100.4. vol. xiv. p. 684) to have belonged to the sect of the Methodici, he must have lived in or after the first century B. C.; and this date will agree very well with the fact of his being quoted by Andromachus (ap. Gal. De Compos. Medicare. sec. Locos, 3.1, 9.2, vol. xii. p. 630, vol. xiii. p. 239), Scribonius Largus (De Compos. Med. 100.167, p. 221), and Caelius Aurelianus. (De Morb. Ciron. 2.13, p. 404.) His prescriptions are frequently quoted with approbation by Galen and Aetius, and the second book of his " Epistles" is mentioned by Caelius Aurelianus. (l.c.

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