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Apollo'nius Empiricus

8. APOLLONIUS EMPIRICUS (Ἐμπειρικός), is supposed to be one of the persons called "Apollonius Antiochenus." He lived, according to Celsus (De Med. i. praef. p. 5), after Serapion of Alexandria, and before Heracleides of Tarentumn, and therefore probably in the second century B. C. He belonged to the sect of the Empirici, and wrote a book in answer to Zeno's work on the χαρακτῆρες in Hippocrates, mentioned above. This was answered by Zeno, and it was this second work that drew from Apollonius Biblas his treatise on the subject after Zeno's death. (Gal. Comm. II. in Hipp. " Epid. III." § 5, vol. xvii. pt. i. p. 618.) He is mentioned also by Galen De Meth. Med. 2.7, vol. x. p. 142.

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