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10. APOLLONIUS HEROPHILEIUS (Ἡροφίλειος) is supposed to be the same person as Apollonius Mus. He wrote a pharmaceutical work entitled Περὶ Εὐπορίστων, De Facile Parabilibus (Gal. De Compos. Medicam. sec. Loc. 6.9, vol. xii. p. 995), which is very frequently quoted by Galen, and which is probably the work referred to by Oribasius (Eupor. ad Eunap. i. prooem. p. 574), and of which some fragments are quoted in Cramer's Anecd. Graeca Paris. vol. i. p. 395, as still existing in MS. in the Royal Library at Paris. He lived before Andromachus, as that writer quotes him (ap. Gal. De Compos. Medicam. sec. Loc. vol. xiii. pp. 76, 114, 137, 308, 326, 981), and also before Archigenes (Gal. ibid. vol. xii. p. 515); we may therefore conclude that he lived in or before the first century after Christ. He was a follower of Herophilus, and is said by Galen (ibid. p. 510) to have lived for some time at Alexandria. His work, Περὶ Μύρων, On Ointments, is quoted by Athenaeus (xv. p. 688), and he is also mentioned by Caelius Aurelianus. (De Morb. Ac. 2.28, p. 139).

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