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12. APOLLONIUS MEMPHITES (Μεμφιτης) was born at Memphis in Egypt, and was a follower of Erasistratus. (Gal. Introd. 100.10. vol. xiv. p. 700.) He must therefore have lived about the third century B. C., and is probably the same person who is called "Apollonius Stratonicus."He wrote a work "On the Names of the Parts of the Human Body" (Gal. l.c., and Definit. prooem. vol. xix. p. 347), and is quoted by Erotianus (Gloss. Hipp. p. 86), Galen (De Antid. 2.14, vol. xiv. p. 188), Nicolaus Myrepsus (De Aur. cc. 11, 16. pp. 831, 832), and other ancient writers.

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